Filtering jug a whim or a useful kitchen gadget
Water filter with active carbon – how it works?
5 December 2018

Filtering jugs for drinking water purification

Why are filtering jugs worth using

Drinking water purification – what is it and is it necessary?

Water purification is a process that involves bringing contaminated water to the level of purity required for a given purpose. It sounds complicated, but in fact it is the purification of water from undesirable ingredients. There are various methods for obtaining purified water, including iron removal (removal of excessive quantity of iron compounds), demineralization (removal of salts dissolved in water), chemical disinfection (ozonisation, chlorination, and fluorination) and UV radiation, as well as filtration.

Not all methods of purification let the water meet our expectations for purity, aroma and flavour values. In some cases, we get water not only void of any chemical compounds and elements, but also minerals positively affecting the human body. For example, well-known demineralized water is used in many branches of industry and agriculture; however, some indicate its negative effects on the cardiovascular system, the possibility of inducing mineral deficiencies or water-electrolyte disorders. Therefore, the water purification method should also be chosen wisely.

Is filtering the best solution?

Filtering water using jugs or bottles with a filter has many advantages. Water supplied to houses by a water supply system undergoes a purification process at water purification stations. There, among others, water is chlorinated. It is the cheapest and most popular way of disinfection, thanks to which bacteria are destroyed by the action of chlorine compounds or pure chlorine gas on water. Such water – although free of bacteria, may have a taste or smell of chlorine. Also, it can get dirty during transmission, especially if we live in old buildings. Hence, the use of filtering jugs is one of the best and inexpensive ways to make the water we drink clean and safe. Thanks to the activated carbon filters, the odors, undesirable substances, mechanical impurities are eliminated, and the water is softened and tastier.

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