Filtering jug a whim or a useful kitchen gadget
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5 December 2018
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18 December 2018

How to match the filter to the Dafi jug?

Why is water filtration good for a child

Types of jugs

Jugs differ in the material  they are made from. They are made of glass or plastic. The choice depends on individual preferences. Regardless of whether we decide on glass or plastic, we are guaranteed high quality and safety of the substances used for production, thanks to many processes and research carried out at the production stage. Jugs are tested and certified not only by manufacturers, but also by external institutions and research laboratories, such as the National Institute of Hygiene or the Institute of Mother and Child.

Jugs can be bought in various capacities (from 2 up to 4 litres), colours and shapes. Everyone can find a jug for themselves which will match the decor of their kitchen. Filtering jugs are durable and will serve for many years; of course, we must remember to exchange the filter which is the ‘heart’ of each device of this type, on a regular basis. This part ensures the quality of water we drink or use for cooking or further processing, e.g. in other household appliances (coffee and tea makers, irons, humidifiers, refrigerators with water dispenser and many others).

The basic tasks of filters

All filters are also tested and undergo many tests to ensure the highest quality of the filtering process. The purification of water from harmful substances and chemical elements, such as chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides as well as from sediments and mechanical impurities, such as sand, is their basic function. In addition, filters soften water so there is much less limescale in devices. However, these are not all the options that modern filters offer us.

Additional water filter features

Once we’ve chosen the type of jug, let’s think about whether we need the filter to perform additional functions. Among the available filters are the ones to provide a higher degree of water hardness reduction (AGD +). If we want to take further care of household appliances, choose a filter that purifies water from calcium, magnesium and salts excess. It prevents the precipitation of limescale and extends the life of the equipment, as well as improves taste and aesthetic value (no coating and film e.g. in tea or coffee). The filters can also mineralize water, e.g. by enriching the filter with valuable magnesium ions, thanks to which we can supplement its deficiencies (Mg +). Also, alkaline-generating filters are available. They increase the pH of the water and give it oxidation-reduction potential negative and the highest degree of purification from chlorine and organic pollutants, making it the best alternative for bottled waters (pH +). A wide range of products guarantees the possibility of a perfect fit of  filters for Dafi jugs.

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