What pays for itself more, a jug for filtering water or bottled water from the store?
18 December 2018

Jugs for filtering water – are they healthy?

Filtering jugs are produced in two types: glass or plastic. All materials used for production are approved by appropriate institutions. They always undergo a series of tests and certification to make sure that raw materials do not contain harmful substances (e.g. Bisphenol type A) and can be applied to contact with water. Water filtered in jugs or filter bottles undergoes physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic analysis during laboratory tests. Modern control and measurement equipment is used to ensure that storage in a filtering jug ​​or bottle does not affect the taste, quality and purity of the filtered water. The conclusion is that we should not have any concerns about the quality and safety of the product itself. It is worth checking whether the jug chosen by us has either the certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene or a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

Filters used in jugs for filtering water have no bactericidal effect, because this role is played by chlorination of water by waterworks. It is the jug filters containing the activated carbon in their composition that remove this chlorine in the filtration process. Sometimes the filter is also impregnated with silver, which protects the inside of the filter against the rapid multiplication of bacteria. In addition, thanks to the filtration and removal of chlorine, the taste and smell of water is improved. During the filtration process, however, there is no complete demineralization of water, and thus depriving it of minerals valuable for health, such as sodium and potassium. Moreover, there are filters that additionally mineralize water (e.g. enriching water with magnesium ions). The filters, however, retain mechanical impurities such as sand, rust, sediments and suspensions that may be found in tap water. The filters contain activated carbon, which also works well with organic pollutants, herbicides and pesticides. All this makes the water coming from filtering jugs healthy and tastier.

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