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2 December 2018
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8 December 2018

Water filter with active carbon – how it works?

Filtering jug a whim or a useful kitchen gadget

Water filters, most commonly used in jugs and filter bottles, contain activated carbon.  Its action is largely responsible for the purity and taste of water we obtain in the filtration process.

Activated carbon, along with the ion exchange resin, which is the second main component of the filters, removes volatile organic compounds, heavy metals (such as lead and copper), pesticides, herbicides, benzene, trihalogenomethane, radon and other solvents from water. Modern carbon filters are also able to stop mechanical impurities (sand, rust, dust, sediments, etc.) up to 0.5 microns. They are particularly good at removing chlorine, added in water supply stations during the water disinfection process and in order to eliminate bacteria.  Chlorine is responsible for bad smell and specific taste of water.

Thanks to enriching activated carbon filters with copper, zinc or silver, they show bactericidal features, which extend water consumption date after filtration even up to 48 hours. Activated carbon, like other substances used for filtration, thanks to the special design of the filter itself, does not get into the water during the filtration process. Additionally, some mechanical impurities are eliminated. It should be remembered that filters are not eternal and their effectiveness depends on regular replacement. Jugs and filtering bottles manufacturers recommend their exchange once a month so that the quality of water consumed and used for cooking is always the same high quality. Regular replacement guarantees that the water will not only be clean, but also tastier and free from chlorine. The filters also reduce the hardness of water, which is of great importance in every household, as it limits the limescale in a kettle, iron or coffee machine for example. This extends the life of household appliances and reduces the need for descaling.

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