22 December 2018

Jugs for filtering water – are they healthy?

Filtering jugs are produced in two types: glass or plastic. All materials used for production are approved by appropriate institutions. They always undergo a series of […]
18 December 2018

What pays for itself more, a jug for filtering water or bottled water from the store?

For many years we had been accustomed to low-quality tap water, so bottled water purchase used to be a big part of our shopping basket. We […]
8 December 2018
Why is water filtration good for a child

How to match the filter to the Dafi jug?

Types of jugs Jugs differ in the material  they are made from. They are made of glass or plastic. The choice depends on individual preferences. Regardless […]
5 December 2018
Filtering jug a whim or a useful kitchen gadget

Water filter with active carbon – how it works?

Water filters, most commonly used in jugs and filter bottles, contain activated carbon.  Its action is largely responsible for the purity and taste of water we […]

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