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What pays for itself more, a jug for filtering water or bottled water from the store?

For many years we had been accustomed to low-quality tap water, so bottled water purchase used to be a big part of our shopping basket. We got used to boil the tap water, and we use bottled water to drink water or make drinks. However, this is not the most economical or ecological solution.

How much does the filtering jug cost?

When buying a jug, we can choose many options. Filtering jugs differ in the material they are made of – glass or plastics, capacity (from 2l to 4l) and of course in design. The prices of these products will not burden our budget with a significant amount, the jug can be purchased for around PLN 40, and it may serve us for years.

Filter replacement

The filter cartridge should be replaced every month to maintain high water quality and purity. Modern jugs have indicators (manual or LED) that remind you about the need to replace the filter. When buying filters in sets (e.g. 3 or 10 pieces), the monthly cost of use cannot be more than 9 PLN, in case of 1 piece purchase the cost does not exceed 13 PLN. In conversion the daily cost of using a filtering jug is only between 0.30 PLN and 0.43 PLN, regardless of how much water you filter.

Bottled water

The prices of bottled water are very different, starting from several dozen groszy to even a few zlotys, an average it’s about PLN 1.50 for a bottle with a capacity of 1.5l. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the water we choose. The cheapest water can be very low in any mineral components, mineral waters and tap water enriched with minerals or springs are often here. If we use bottled water also for cooking, its consumption can reach even several litres a day!

These simple examples show that filtering tap water using jugs is much cheaper than using bottled water. Filtered water is not only a smaller bill in the store, but also many kilos of plastic or glass savings that will not end up in our garbage containers. In addition, the filters are fully recyclable; we also have the opportunity to care for the environment.

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